We utilize a team of coordinators to help share the load of planning activities for all the members. These coordinators volunteer their time to try and keep the calendar of activities educational, exciting and full. All parents are given the opportunity to take a coordinator position and all member families commit to help be a part of planning in one way or another.

Teen Coordinator

Yearbook Editor / School Picture Coordinator

Newsletter Editor

Science Fair Coordinator

Supplies Coordinator

Yahoo Group Administrator

Website Administrator

Donation Coordinator

Field Trip Coordinator
Mom’s Night Out Coordinator
Park Day Coordinator
Graduation Coordinator
Senior Coordinator

Our Board of Directors handles the managerial duties of V-CHEO, while our team of coordinators handle the operational activities of V-CHEO.

This gives you the freedom as a home educating parent, to focus on the educational side of your child’s development while our team helps with all the extras.

Juliet Isaacs

Kirk Wasson

Vice President
Isaac Wasson

Jason Isaacs