Membership Policy
V-CHEO is a membership organization. To participate in V-CHEO events you must be a member. Membership is open to all private Christian homeschooling families. We are unable to accept into membership charter school members (charter schools are part of the public government school system, not the private schools). Those who are considering membership are welcome to visit Park Days for one (1) month before needing to register.

All members must have a valid HSLDA membership.

All events will begin with prayer (Philippians 4.6-7).

Participation of ALL members is required V-CHEO is a support group and the entire body is needed in order to function smoothly and effectively. If everyone takes a small part the load is light. Prayerfully consider where the Lord will have you serve this year (1 Cor 12 20-22,25 & Eph 4 16).

Participation consists of planning/helping to plan an event (Park day, MNO, field trip or teen event) AND helping at Carnival and Graduation. We would also hope that you would attend each park day with an attitude of service, offering to help those in charge.

All children must be accompanied by a parent to all functions. Children, including senior high students, are not to be dropped off at any V-CHEO event. In the rare instance that a parent cannot accompany their children, they may be left under the supervision of another adult upon approval of event coordinator or a board member (Proverbs 22:15).

All children will be respectful, courteous and willing to be under the authority of the adults in charge of each activity (1 Peter 5 :5).

We will follow city ordinances regarding weapons and any item posing an “eminent threat” will be confiscated from the child by the parent, board member or responsible adult. The parent will be informed of the incident and child’s property will be returned to the parent.

Membership dues are $60 a year for new and returning members Membership dues paid by September 30th of each year will receive a discounted rate of $40 for returning members and $50 for new members. The $60 annual dues will be prorated each month (for new members only) after October 31st and remain at $30 April 30th through June 30th Returning members will pay $60 as of October 1st Membership includes a monthly newsletter (Sept-June). and access to V- CHEO park days, field trips and other.

Participation Policy
Participation is required of ALL children kindergarten and up. If your children are in attendance at park day, they must participate in the activities provided. If the activities are not of interest, do not bring them to park day. All parents should demonstrate this same attitude and be willing to participate and help so we can model and encourage participation amongst our children. Children who are not participating can be a distraction to those who are and cause them to lose interest (1 Cor 8:9, Rom 14:21). If your child is exceptionally shy or reserved, please discuss your circumstances with a board member and we will try to accommodate you. (see Membership policy)

Field Trip Policy
Field trips are open to all V-CHEO members first and then to alumni and extended family members if there is available room for each trip. If a non-member would like to participate they must register for membership with our group prior to the event. (see Membership Policy)

Teen Event Policy
All teen events with the exception of service events (Operation Christmas Child, Rose Parade etc.) are open to V-CHEO members only. If there is a teen who is not a member and would like to participate their family must register for membership. (see Membership Policy)

Dress Code
We want to encourage that all areas of our conduct line up with the word of God therefore modesty in our dress is absolute. This dress code applies to ALL V-CHEO events. When considering your clothing please make sure that you are not causing anyone to stumble. Read Romans 14:1-15.
No spaghetti straps or bare midriffs.
No low-cut tops.
No undergarments underwear should be visible.
All shorts should be longer than the length of your fingertips at your side.
All skirts, dresses and formal dresses should be knee length or longer with no high cut slits.
Anyone violating the dress code will be asked to correct the issue immediately. No Exceptions!!

Release of Liability
We have never had an instance of injury or damages charged to the group. Yet believe it is best to be sure that all members understand our position prior to any mishaps As a Christian group, we seek to follow the Biblical mandate which disallows bringing charges against Christian brothers in civil court. We are a group of Christian families. The Leadership is made up of those who have volunteered their time to organize activities for the group. Neither  our group, or its leaders, nor its members are liable for any bodily injuries or property damages. All Children are expected to be accompanied by their parent at every event. Parents are solely responsible for the safety, supervision and actions of their children. Any special guests (grandparents, relatives, out-of-town friends, etc.) are also the responsibility of the V-CHEO member that invited them. It is expected that any member or their children) or guest who damages property or causes injury, either willfully or through neglect, will take personal responsibility for their actions. Any person, whether member or not, who has such a claim will be directed to discuss the offense individually with the parties involved. If such disputes cannot be handled by the parties individually, we will expect that they will follow the guidelines oi Matthew 18:15-17. (Please see Membership policies & Release of Liability acknowledgment, sign and return with membership enrollment form.)